Chinese automotive giant BYD's goal is to grow in Europe

byd europe

China-based electric vehicle manufacturer BYD announced that it will continue its growth targets in the region with determination, despite the investigations examining state supports initiated in Europe. Stella Li, Executive Vice President of the company, emphasized that the company acts with a transparent management approach and stated that they are ready to provide all the necessary information to the authorities.

BYD's Determined Growth Targets

BYD is resolutely focusing on its growth targets even after the European Union launched an investigation into state subsidies for Chinese electric vehicles. Stella Li stated that the electric vehicle revolution worries people, but she believes that these concerns will be resolved by sharing real data.

BYD's Global Success

BYD has achieved significant success by surpassing the sales of 2 million electric vehicles worldwide. Half of these sales consist of fully electric vehicles, while the other half consists of hybrid vehicles. In the third quarter, based on sales of all-electric vehicles alone, BYD was the second best-selling electric vehicle maker behind Tesla.

Stella Li's Perspective

“It is important not to compete with who is bigger, but to raise people's awareness,” said Stella Li. He stated that Tesla's success will increase social interest in electric vehicles and accelerate the sector. By entering Turkey, BYD aims to attract attention with its Atto 3, Han and Seal models.