420 thousand TL electric car coming from Chery!

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Chinese automobile giant Chery is making a groundbreaking move in the Turkish market. Here are the details of this electric car, which will be sold for 420 thousand TL, and Chery's strategy in Turkey…

Chery's Success in Turkey

Chery has been taking the Turkish automobile market by storm lately. So, how was this success achieved and why is Chery preferred?

Chery's affordable prices continue to attract automobile consumers in Turkey. The brand draws attention with its budget-friendly vehicles.

Chery aims to meet all kinds of user needs by offering a wide range of models. Diversity makes the brand important in the Turkish market.

Chery's EQ1 Model

Chery's new model EQ420, which will be sold for 1 thousand TL, pushes the limits of electric car technology. What are its details and prominent features?

The EQ1 is not just an environmentally friendly electric car, it's also zamIt has a stylish and compact design. This feature offers an ideal option for urban use.

The average range of EQ1 is 300 kilometers! Additionally, its maximum speed is 100 kilometers per hour, which provides a very suitable performance for highway use.

With a large luggage volume compared to a hatchback model, the EQ1 offers its users extra flexibility in transportation. The 400-liter luggage capacity is a competitive advantage in this segment.

EQ1 can be charged in 9 hours from normal home sockets, but when DC fast charging units are used, it can be charged in just half an hour. This feature offers a practical and fast solution for its users.

Launch and Expectations

Chery's EQ1 model is planned to be introduced to the Turkish market in early 2024. However, it is difficult to obtain definitive information without waiting for official statements.

Chery's rise in Turkey and the arrival of the EQ1 model creates great excitement among car enthusiasts and prospective buyers. With the dynamism it will bring to the automobile industry in Turkey, Chery seems to make its name known to even wider audiences.