Chery Tech Day 2023 event continues!

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What's Happening at Chery Technology Day 2023?

Chery Technology Day, one of Chery's most important events of the year, continues in Wuhu, China. Thousands of experts, partners and users attend the event and have the opportunity to see Chery's high-end technologies closely.

Chery's Global Success

Chery operates in more than 1,7 countries and regions, with export figures of more than 12 million and global users of more than 80 million. The brand is known for its technical prowess and has received numerous “National Science and Technology Progress Awards” and has also been honored as a national “Innovative Enterprise” three times.

Chery also attaches importance to localization transformation to increase its competitiveness in export markets. The brand ensures user satisfaction by changing its vehicles according to the characteristics, needs and driving habits of different regions.

Chery's New Models

At Chery Technology Day, the brand's new models are also exhibited. The most notable of these is the B7X, which is the renewed version of the B7. B7X has a more dynamic design, a more powerful engine and richer equipment. The B7X is scheduled to be released in early 2026.

In addition, 3 Series-based B3 and D3 models will also be unveiled at Chery Technology Day. These models offer more economical and environmentally friendly options. However, BMW's Luxury Class Vice President Christian Tschurtschenthaler says that these models do not suit Alpina's image and their production may be discontinued in the future.

Chery Technology Day 2023 is considered a major organization that demonstrates the technological development and vision of the brand. It is stated that Chery will continue to offer products that exceed the expectations of users both at home and abroad.