Changan enters the Turkish Market with its bottom-priced car! Here is the price and features


Changan Alsvin is Coming to Turkey: Here is the Price and Features

Chinese automobile manufacturer Changan is preparing to enter the Turkish market with its first model, Alsvin. Alsvin, which will be offered for sale with an economical price tag, aims to take part in taxi traffic especially in Istanbul.

Why Did Changan Choose Turkey?

Turkey has recently become one of the important countries in the automobile market. Turkey, the only market where automobile sales are constantly increasing and where this increase is at a record level, continues to attract the attention of Chinese automobile giants. This time it is Changan's turn to come to Turkey.

Changan is known as one of China's largest automobile manufacturers and is a brand established with government support. Changan, generally known for its budget-friendly models, aims to attract attention with its affordable prices in Turkey.

What kind of car is Changan Alsvin?

It is a matter of curiosity which model Changan will enter the market in Turkey first. Changan currently has many different models. However, the model that will step into the Turkish market will be Alsvin.

One of the biggest reasons for choosing Alsvin is its affordable price. In addition, the fact that it has a sedan structure and is located in the B segment makes Alsvin an attractive option.

Changan aims to use Alsvin in taxis, especially in Istanbul. This has huge sales potential.

What is the Price of Changan Alsvin?

Alsvin's lowest package will cost approximately 8 thousand euros. The car, which will come to Turkey in the lowest Special Consumption Tax class, seems to be offered for sale with a price tag below 400 thousand TL, including Special Consumption Tax and VAT. With a simple calculation, it is estimated that Alsvin can find a buyer for around 390 thousand TL.

Changan Alsvin What ZamThe moment it will be on sale?

Changan is expected to enter the Turkish market in the first quarter of 2024. However, we will continue to monitor future developments. Changan's success in Turkey will be of great importance in terms of showing how it will affect the automobile market in our country.