Are schools closed today? Is there school on October 30?

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Are Schools Open on October 30? President Erdoğan's Decision That Makes Students Happy

October 29 Republic Day and 100th anniversary celebrations of the Republic were held with enthusiasm all over the country. Students were wondering whether schools would be closed on Monday, October 30th. President Erdoğan answered this question with the statement he made on his social media account.

Schools are Closed on Monday, October 30

In his post on his Twitter account, President Erdoğan announced that preschool, primary school, secondary school and high school schools were closed on Monday, October 30. Erdogan used the following statements:

“We celebrated the 29th anniversary of our 100 October Republic Day with great pride and excitement as a nation. On this occasion, I would like to inform you that we have decided to close our pre-school, primary, secondary and high schools for 30 day on Monday, October 1th. “I wish our students a happy holiday.”

This statement of Erdoğan was welcomed with great joy by the students. Students sent thank you messages to President Erdoğan on social media.

Are Universities Open on Monday, October 30?

The fact that universities were not mentioned in President Erdoğan's statement confused university students. There is no clear information about whether universities are on holiday or not. However, the rectorates of some universities announced on their websites or social media accounts that there will be a holiday on Monday, October 30th. For this reason, university students need to get information from the official sources of their own universities.