BMW opened its new generation concept store

bmw retail store

The World's First 'Retail Next' Concept BMW Dealership Opened in Ankara

Borusan Oto Çayyolu, located in Ankara/Çayyolu, became the world's first 'Retail Next' concept dealer offering sales and after-sales services of BMW, Mini and BMW Motorrad brands. With this new concept, car enthusiasts will encounter an innovative showroom and service concept where physical and digital experience combines and sustainable luxury comes to the fore.

What is 'Retail Next'?

'Retail Next' is the new generation sales concept developed by BMW. With this concept, customers will move away from an understanding in which the car is the star alone, and shop for a car with a different understanding in which cars share the stage together and phygital, that is, both physical and digital experience, comes to the fore. In this concept, customers' visits to us are transformed into a customer journey. The combination of physical and digital experience innovatively integrates the visitor into each brand's unique universe.

What are the Features of the 'Retail Next' Concept?

One of the most important features of the 'Retail Next' concept is sustainability. This project is at the cutting edge of technology, from recycling plant water to the highest level of energy efficiency and charging with solar energy. This showroom will play an important role in sustainable development in the long term.

Another feature of the 'Retail Next' concept is digitalization. In this concept, digital tools are used at every stage, from customers' car selection to the purchasing process. For example, customers can choose the model they want from the touch screens in the showroom, examine the car 360 degrees with virtual reality glasses, see the personalization options and take a test drive.

The last feature of the 'Retail Next' concept is customer focus. In this concept, there are personnel working in different roles according to the needs of the customers. For example, when customers arrive at the showroom, they are greeted by receptionists, briefed by product experts, guided by sales experts, and picked up by delivery experts.

What are the aims of the 'Retail Next' Concept?

The main purpose of the 'Retail Next' concept is to offer an innovative showroom and service approach that focuses on customer experience and sustainable luxury. This concept sheds light on the future of automotive retailing and makes car shopping for customers enjoyable, easy and comfortable. In addition, with this concept, BMW reflects the values, visions and differences of Mini and BMW Motorrad brands to customers and increases brand loyalty.