There is an increase in European sales of BMW and Mercedes models

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Brilliant Performance in the Luxury Vehicle Market

The first half of 2023 is very successful for luxury vehicle manufacturers BMW and Mercedes. High-performance models, especially the BMW M and Mercedes-AMG series, are in remarkable demand in the European market.

Rising Stars of BMW M and Mercedes-AMG

BMW M and Mercedes-AMG are famous not only for their powerful engines and stylish designs, but also for their zamtremendous sales at the momentzam It also makes a name for itself with its increases. Let's take a look at this success story that shapes Europe's luxury vehicle preference.

BMW M: Spectacular Sales in Europe

Impressive Performance of BMW M in the First Half of the Year

The BMW M series delivers impressive performance across Europe in the first half of 2023. Sales of more than 19,600 vehicles, a tremendous increase of 58% compared to the same period last yearzam represents an increase. This shows how high the demand for performance-oriented luxury vehicles is.

Total Sales Figures in Europe and the USA

BMW M models are available not only in Europe but also zamIt is now attracting attention in the USA as well. It sold more than 16,400 units in the US in the first half of the year, indicating that a total of 36,000 performance-oriented vehicles are on the roads in these two regions alone.

BMW XM: The Triumph of High Performance SUVs

Sales Success of the XM Model

BMW's high-performance SUV model XM is achieving significant success in the first half of 2023. It draws attention especially in the USA by selling 1,171 units by the end of June. This is not only due to the stylish design of the XM, but also zamIt shows that it is now in demand with its performance.

Passionately Preferred Despite Its High Starting Price

Although the XM model has a high starting price of $ 159,995, the fact that it is preferred by passionate customers reveals BMW's success in combining high performance and luxury.

Mercedes-AMG: Unrivaled Performance and Luxury

Increasing Popularity of AMG Models in Europe

Mercedes-AMG, the performance division of rival brand Mercedes-Benz, is a huge company in Europe.zam experienced an increase. AMG models achieved 57 sales in the first half of the year, an increase of 13,700%.

The Prominent Role of the G63 Model

Although the Mercedes-AMG SL had a great impact on this success, it is one of its most popular models (and also zamThe G63 model (which is currently expensive) stands out. This iconic SUV accounts for more than a quarter of new AMG sales, reinforcing the brand's leadership in performance.