BMW officially introduced the 2024 X2 model!

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BMW continues the teaser campaign of the second generation X2 model in an exciting way. The Bavarian manufacturer made car enthusiasts curious by bringing the vehicle to the digital world. Finally, the new generation X2, whose cover has been removed, welcomes its users with new engine options and a series of technologies that meet the requirements of the age.

2. Redefining Design

The roof of the vehicle slopes towards the rear, allowing a coupe-like profile to emerge. This design feature offers an aesthetic that takes the X2 beyond the ordinary.

At the front, we see that BMW's increasingly larger kidney grille is a detail that adds character to the vehicle. The model-specific headlight sets and the hood design with character lines also create an aggressive appearance at the front.

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3. Features of the Model

The model, which has been made aerodynamic with flush door handles, can also be purchased with optional roof rails. The fact that the new generationzamcaused the moon.

3.2 Extended Interior

The effect of the extended wheelbase on the cabin is directly felt. According to our colleagues' reviews, there are significant improvements in legroom and luggage space. The luggage volume, which can go up to 1.452 liters with folded seats, makes the X2 useful.

4. High-Tech Interior

Inside the cabin, we see that the new generation X2 is equipped with state-of-the-art toys. In particular, the voice control feature with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant offers drivers a unique experience.

The huge curved screen includes a 10.25-inch digital instrument panel and a 10.7-inch multimedia screen. The camera feature allows users to take videos or photos.

The new X2 comes with three different engine options. Different power and performance levels, from X2 sDrive30i to X2 M35i xDrive, meet the needs of users.

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The fully electric option, iX2, has a dual-motor setup. High power and long range show BMW's claim in the field of electric vehicles.

The new generation BMW X2 draws attention with its innovations in design, expanded interior and advanced technology. While different engine options offer diversity according to users' preferences, the fully electric iX2 model also emphasizes sustainability.