Who is Benekli Ayhan (Ayhan Koç), where is he from?


Who is Social Media Phenomenon Benekli Ayhan? The Life of Benekli Ayhan Who Was Attacked

Ayhan Koç, known as "Benekli Ayhan" on social media, was beaten on the street in Isparta. Ayhan Koç, who was attacked by two people, fainted as a result of the blows he received. While the moment of the incident was reflected on the mobile phone camera, who Benekli Ayhan was and his life story became a matter of curiosity.

Where was Benekli Ayhan born and how old is he?

Ayhan Koç was born in 1980 to a family from Sivas. He spent his childhood and youth in Ankara. Ayhan Koç, a passionate supporter of Ankaragücü, makes his living as a shuttle driver in Ankara.

How Did Benekli Ayhan Become Famous?

Ayhan Koç is known by the nickname "Benekli Ayhan" on social media. This nickname comes from the spots on his face. Ayhan Koç became famous with a video about himself on the channel called Slot on YouTube. In this video, Ayhan Koç, who told his life story and expressed his love for Ankaragücü, won the appreciation of the audience with his sympathetic attitude.

What Happened to Benekli Ayhan?

Ayhan Koç was attacked in the middle of the street while he was in Isparta on October 17, 2023. Ayhan Koç, who was beaten by two people, fainted. While the moment of the incident was reflected on the mobile phone camera, the attackers escaped. It was learned that Ayhan Koç, who was taken to the hospital by the medical teams that came to the scene, was in good health.

While the reason for the attack is not yet known, the police launched an investigation into the incident. Support messages poured in for Benekli Ayhan on social media.