Baja Troia will be in Çanakkale on October 19-22.

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Baja Troia Turkey, the 2023th and last race of the 5 FIA European Cross-Country Baja Cup, will be held in Çanakkale and its surroundings between 19-22 October.

The race, which is our country's first FIA-approved organization in the offroad branch, organized by Istanbul Offroad Sports Club (İSOFF) zamIt will also score points for the 2023 Eastern European Cross-Country Cup. In the race where 10 vehicles and 17 athletes from 34 countries will compete in the FIA ​​category, 6 vehicles and 30 athletes from 60 countries will get behind the wheel in the Eastern European Cross-Country Cup category.

The organization, which will start at 19 on Thursday, October 20.00th in front of the Trojan Horse, will end with the award ceremony to be held at the finish podium in front of the Trojan Horse on Sunday, October 668nd at 3, after a 22-day challenge of 21.00 kilometers. The service area of ​​the race, where Çanakkale Provincial Special Administration Building will be used as the race center, will be the area in front of Terzioğlu Girls' Dormitory.

Hibya News Agency