Audi Reviews Plans to Enter Formula 1

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Audi Reviews Plans to Enter Formula 1

Audi is reconsidering its decision to join Formula 1. The German automaker said it was “analyzing in detail” these plans due to management changes and cost-saving measures.

Audi announced that they will participate in Formula 2026 from 1 and will acquire a minority stake in the Sauber team. Sauber is racing under the name Alfa Romeo with Ferrari engines this season.

Audi will develop its own Formula 1 engine at a facility in Neuburg an der Donau. However, plans are being reviewed after Gernot Doellner replaced Audi's former CEO Markus Duesmann. The automotive industry needs to focus on savings in its competition with the Chinese. That's why parent company VW's savings-oriented management approach is reflected in Audi.

An official from Audi stated that the decision to participate in Formula 1 was approved by the company management, the supervisory board and the parent company. zamHe emphasized that the timetable has not changed. There has been no statement from Sauber yet, but rumors about whether Audi will participate in Formula 1 continue to be talked about in the paddock.

Considering that Formula 1 is the most watched motor sport in the world, brands see F1 as a technology race and a matter of prestige. It is also a known fact that motor sports "makes cars sell", although not as much as before.