Audi temporarily halted production in Brussels


Audi Q4 E-tron Production Temporarily Stopped in Brussels

Audi has confirmed that it has temporarily halted production of the Q4 E-tron electric vehicle at its factory in Brussels. This happened after workers walked off the job due to low production targets. However, the company also announced that production returned to normal as of Wednesday.


Zwickau Will Be the Main Production Location

Audi announced that it decided to produce the Q4 E-tron in Brussels in addition to Zwickau. This decision would allow Audi to respond more flexibly to increasing market demand. However, the main production location for the Q4 E-tron will still remain Zwickau.

Workers Are Anxious and Dissatisfied

Most of the 3,000 employees at the Brussels plant walked off the job on Monday and Tuesday after Audi announced that it would produce the Q4 E-tron in Brussels in quantities lower than previously expected. Workers stated that they were worried and dissatisfied. “Those responsible don't seem to know what they are doing,” said Jan Baetens, representative of the ACV Metea union. said.


Production Lines Stopped for Three Days Last Week

Production lines at Audi's factory in Brussels stopped for three days last week. It was announced to workers that there would be no temporary layoffs during this period. However, this statement could not calm the workers. Audi said production had returned to normal as of Wednesday and final preparations were being made for overproduction.

First Q4 E-tron Will Be Produced Soon

Audi, close zamHe said that the production of the first Q4 E-tron will start immediately. The Q4 E-tron will be a new member of Audi's electric vehicle lineup. The vehicle's MEB platform, like its siblings VW ID3, ID4, ID5 and Cupra Born, is also produced in Zwickau.