Atatürk's words about the Republic! October 29 Republic Day


Unforgettable Words and Images of Atatürk on October 29 Republic Day

October 29 Republic Day is one of the most important national holidays of Turkey. This holiday is the day when the foundation of the Republic of Türkiye was declared. Republic Day celebrates the victory of the Turkish nation's struggle for independence and democracy.

Those who want to share about Republic Day look at 29 October Atatürk's words and 29 October Republic Day images. Ataturk is the founder and first president of the Republic of Turkey. Atatürk's words about the Republic reflect the values, ideals and vision of the Turkish nation.

Atatürk's words and images about the Republic emphasize the meaning and importance of 29 October Republic Day. Here are Atatürk's words and photos on October 29…

Atatürk's Sayings About the Republic

Ataturk argued that the Republican regime was the most suitable form of government for Türkiye. Atatürk stated that the Republic ensured freedom of thought, understanding and conscience, ensured the future of new generations and that the Republic of Turkey would survive forever.

Some of Atatürk's words about the Republic are as follows:

  • “The Republic is in favor of freedom of thought. “We respect every idea, as long as it is sincere and legitimate.”
  • “My humble body will surely turn to dust one day, but the Republic of Turkey will survive forever.”
  • “O rising new generation! The future is yours. "We established the Republic, you are the ones who will continue it."
  • “The Republic requires generations with free thought, free understanding, and free conscience.”
  • “Young people, you are the ones who reinforce and maintain our courage. With the upbringing and wisdom you receive, you will be the most valuable example of humanity and civilization, love of homeland and freedom of thought. The rising new generation, you are the future. We builded the republic, you are the ones who raise it and keep it alive."

29 October Republic Day Images

29 October Republic Day visuals reflect the colorful moments of this special day, which is celebrated with enthusiasm all over Turkey. 29 October Republic Day visuals include images such as waving the Turkish flag, hanging pictures of Ataturk, organizing various events, and holding military and civil ceremonies.

29 October Republic Day visuals show the Turkish nation's commitment, love and respect to the Republic. 29 October Republic Day visuals symbolize Turkey's unity and solidarity, strength and pride.