Anadolu Isuzu introduced its new model at Busworld Europe


Anadolu Isuzu, as a company that stands out with its more than 40 years of experience in the commercial vehicle industry, continues to meet the high expectations of the world markets. The company, known for its successes in electric vehicle technology, attracted attention by introducing its newest model, NovoVolt, at the Busworld Europe Brussels Fair.

Busworld Europe Fair and NovoVolt Promotion

Busworld Europe Brussels Fair, held between 7-12 October, is considered one of the leading events of the commercial vehicle industry. Anadolu Isuzu took a step that will shape the industry by exhibiting the NovoVolt model for the first time within the scope of the fair.

NovoVolt Features and Award Winning

NovoVolt is Anadolu Isuzu's first electric Shuttle & Tourism bus. It aims to offer zero emissions, low noise and modernity in cities with its electric engine and modern design. This model won the Excellence award in the “SAFE BUS” category at the Busworld Vehicle Awards 2023 held at the fair.

Technological Advantages of NovoVolt

NovoVolt draws attention with its 7.3 meter length, low operating costs, maximum efficiency, high maneuverability and spacious interior, suitable for urban and intercity trips. Powered by Allison transmission, NovoVolt offers a range of up to 165 km with the 225kWh battery option. Its electric motor promises superior performance by producing 320kW power and 12kNm torque.

NovoVolt's Carrying Capacity and Future

NovoVolt offers the opportunity to carry up to 29 passengers with its battery packs placed on the floor and its low weight. NovoVolt, Anadolu Isuzu's first electric midibus in the service-tourism segment, will be on the roads in 2025 and will further expand the company's electric vehicle portfolio.