GOLD PRICES UPDATED: How much is gram gold today, how much is it in TL?

gold prices

Latest situation in gold prices. Interest in gold, one of the most preferred investment instruments, continues. Predictions are being made for a record increase in gold prices, which have been on a rapid rise recently. So, what is the current situation in gold prices? What is the price of gram gold?


Gram gold price Buying: 1.785 TL Selling: 1.785 TL

Quarter gold price Buying: 2.994 TL Selling: 3.038 TL

Half gold price Buying: 6.006 TL Selling: 6.076 TL

Full gold price Buying: 11.974 TL Selling: 12.102 TL

Republic gold price Buying: 12.223 TL Selling: 12.408 TL