Alpina B7 may come back again!

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Return of Alpina B7: BMW's new move

Alpina is a tuning company that makes BMW's most special models even more special. The German company constantly produces its own versions based on BMW's performance models. B7, one of Alpina's most popular models, is inspired by the 7 Series.

Alpina ended the production of its much-loved model in 2022. It seems that the German company, which took off the last B7 it produced with a ceremony, will not keep this farewell long. Because, according to BMW Blog, the B7 will come to life again with Alpina's new role in the BMW Group.

Will BMW buy Alpina?

According to BMW Blog, BMW will be the sole owner of Alpina as of January 1, 2026. It is certain that Alpina will bring back the B7, although it is not yet known exactly where it sits in the BMW hierarchy. According to BMW Blog, the B7 will return with the facelift version of the new 7 Series. This coincides with the days when the Bavarian took control of Alpina.

What kind of model is Alpina B7?

Alpina B7 is a model that can produce 4.4 hp from its 8-liter twin-turbo V600 engine. Unlike the standard model, the engine uses new turbochargers, pistons, spark plugs and cooling system and offers very high performance. When the model was first introduced, it became the fastest sedan model in history with a speed of 330 km/h.

What is Alpina B7? zamWhen will it be released?

What is Alpina B7? zamIt is not yet clear when it will hit the market, but according to the news of BMW Blog, it will be introduced in 7 with the facelift version of the new 2026 Series. The price of the Alpina B7 has not been announced yet, but it is known that the price of the discontinued model is approximately 1 million TL.

Alpina B7 will compete in the luxury sedan segment. This segment includes models such as Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Audi A8 and Lexus LS. It is a matter of curiosity how the Alpina B7 will compare with these models.