GERMANY EMPLOYEE RECRUITMENT: What are the application requirements for Germany recruitment? Where to apply to recruit workers in Germany?

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Job opportunity in Germany: Which professions are wanted? How to apply?

Germany opens its doors to foreign workers to fill the skilled labor gap. With the new draft law prepared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it is planned to provide employment for two million people. With the new law, the removal of the language requirement for employment is on the agenda. So, what professions are sought after in Germany? How to apply? What are the application requirements?

Here are the sectors where you can find work in Germany and the required documents:

Searched professions in Germany

Germany needs qualified personnel, especially in the health, education, technology, metal and construction sectors. Those who want to work in these sectors must be between the ages of 18-45. In addition, professional qualification certificate and work experience are also important criteria. Some of the professions you can work in Germany are:

  • Cook
  • Construction worker
  • Nurse
  • Patient and elderly caregiver
  • Welder
  • internet technology expert
  • Heavy industry and metal industry worker
  • gastronomy expert
  • Instructor
  • healthcare personnel
  • child raiser
  • IT technician
  • Metal and heavy industry worker
  • gastronomy expert