Closer than Alfa Romeo zamWe may see a luxury minivan now


Alfa Romeo's luxury minivan plan: Autotutto may return

Alfa Romeo's design chief Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos came up with the idea of ​​​​reviving a minivan model that the brand produced in the past, known as Autotutto. “This model was really beautiful,” Mesonero-Romanos said. You wouldn't be surprised if it returned to production. "It's actually not such a crazy idea." said. From these words, it seems that Alfa Romeo is working on a modern minivan model but has not made a final decision yet.

What is Autotutto?

The Autotutto was a minivan model sold between 1954 and 1966 as the Alfa Romeo Romeo. This model will probably be produced electrically, considering today's electric vehicle trend. At that time, some models were offered with engine options such as a supercharged two-cylinder diesel engine and a less powerful Twin Cam gasoline engine.


What will Autotutto's design be like?

There is no official information yet about Autotutto's design, but based on Mesonero-Romanos' words, it is estimated that the vehicle will bear similarities to the past model. However, the vehicle is the same zamIt is thought that it will be compatible with other Alfa Romeo models and have a modern appearance.

What are Alfa Romeo's other projects?

Although Alfa Romeo is not at the top of its priorities to produce a new minivan model, the brand has major projects. Alfa Romeo launched Tonale last year. In addition, the Italian brand continues the production of Giulia and Stelvio. It is not yet clear whether the new generations of these sporty models will be electric. But even if they are electric, Alfa Romeo may want to abandon the V6 engine. However, all developments zamthe moment will show.


In addition, Alfa Romeo wants to produce an E-segment SUV model in 2027. It is thought that this model will be fully electric.