Alfa Romeo may return to hatchback models

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Alfa Romeo May Return to Hatchback Segment

Alfa Romeo left the hatchback segment by discontinuing the Giulietta model in 2020. However, the Italian brand may be considering producing a new hatchback model.

Although Alfa Romeo's CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato, said that the Tonale crossover model will replace the Giulietta, he stated that the brand should achieve higher profit margins within the Stellantis group. “I'm not sure we don't even make money on a hatchback model,” Imparato said.

The Giulietta was a successful model for Alfa Romeo, selling 78 units in its best-selling year in Europe. However, it fell behind its competitors in terms of technology. It is also said that Alfa Romeo may enter the luxury electric MPV market.

What Will the New Hatchback Model Be Like?

If Alfa Romeo decides to produce a new hatchback model, it will probably use the STLA Medium platform. This platform offers economies of scale that the 14 brands of the Stellantis group can benefit from.

STLA Medium platform is a platform designed for electric vehicles. Among the vehicles to be produced on this platform is the new generation Alfa Romeo Giulia. Electric vehicles to be produced on this platform will be able to offer a range of 700 km and 382 horsepower on a single charge.

STLA Medium platform is a platform suitable for front-wheel drive vehicles. However, a four-wheel drive system will also be possible with a motor on each axle.

There is no official statement yet about Alfa Romeo's new hatchback model. However, the brand's return to the hatchback segment could be exciting news for its fans.