Who is Erkan Baş, where is he from and how old is he?


Erkan Baş, the leader of the Turkish Workers' Party (TİP), is one of the names that has been on the agenda lately. So who is Erkan Baş, how old is he, where is he originally from, what is his degree? Erkan Baş's life and career are curious. Here is the biography of Erkan Baş…

Who is Erkan Baş, where was he born, where is he originally from?

Erkan Baş was born on July 14, 1979 in Berlin, Germany. Erkan Baş is originally from Bosnian origin. The family's surname in Yugoslavia was Jusovic. His father was one of the workers who went to work in Germany. His mother is a housewife who once worked as a textile worker.

Erkan Baş completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Istanbul. He completed his undergraduate education at Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters, Department of History of Science.

How Did Erkan Baş's Political Career Start?

Erkan Baş became a member of the Socialist Power Party (SİP) at a young age. He took on various responsibilities in this party and the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), which was founded subsequently. He was active in the Istanbul organization, served as the Istanbul provincial secretary of the party, and was a member of the Organization Bureau and Central Committee. He made the press statement in Taksim Square during the party's May 1, 2008 protests.

At the 9th Congress of TKP, Aydemir Güler left his post as chairman, and Erkan Baş was elected as chairman instead. TKP General Presidency came into force with the congress decision taken to facilitate party representation. When this move did not bring the desired success, the Party Central Committee abolished the position of 'chairman' after about 6 months. TKP began to be managed with collective leadership by the Party Central Committee.

He became the general secretary of the People's Communist Party of Turkey (HTKP), which was established after the separation in 2014.

Erkan Baş, who was elected as a member of parliament from the People's Democratic Party (HDP) in the 2018 Turkish general elections, moved to the Turkish Workers' Party (TİP) on October 11, 2018, where he was elected chairman. He continues in this position as of 2022.

Information about Erkan Baş's Private Life

Erkan Baş, born in 1979, is 2022 years old and married as of 43.

Erkan Baş is 1.89 meters tall, weighs 83 kilos and is a Cancer.

He is on social networking sites Instagram and Twitter with the username @erkbas.tip, @erkbas.