Electric car for 300 thousand TL! Here is the sales success of this cheap car..

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Citroën Ami Rocked the Electric Car Market in Turkey!

Citroën Ami, the first model offered by Citroën through its online sales channel, broke a new record in the electric car market in Turkey. Citroën Ami, which sold more than 2 units in approximately 2.750 years, offers accessible mobility for everyone with its price of 369.000 TL.

Citroën Ami's Online Sales Success

Citroën Turkey General Manager Selen Alkım explained the online sales success of Citroën Ami as follows: “The first allocation of Citroën Ami, limited to 50 units, was sold in just 25 minutes through our online sales channel. Before this, he met with around 4 corporate customers in the first 400 months. We experienced a similar record with Citroën My Ami Buggy, which we sold online every 40 seconds in August. From December 1, when we started receiving orders, until the end of September 2021, we achieved a total sales success of 2023 units, including 100 Citroën My Ami Buggy. We have accelerated our efforts to deliver our orders to meet ongoing demands. This year alone, we have sold more than 2.752 Ami units as of the end of September, and we aim to close this year with sales of 1.900 units.”

Features and Advantages of Citroën Ami

Citroën Ami is a model that creates a new segment in the field of mobility and reaches a user profile in a wide age range. Meeting the short-distance mobility needs of both individual customers and corporate companies, Citroën Ami offers an environmentally friendly option by being electric.

One of the biggest advantages of Citroën Ami is its price. Citroën Ami, which offers accessible mobility for everyone in online sales with prices starting from 369.000 TL, is also zamIt also attracts attention with its low operating costs.

Other features of Citroën Ami are as follows:

  • with full charge 75 km range
  • 45 km / h maximum speed
  • 5,5 kW power
  • 6 hours full charge time
  • 2,41m length
  • 1,39m width
  • 1,52m height
  • 4 wheeler vehicle category
  • B does not require a driver's license vehicle category

The design of Citroën Ami is also quite interesting. Citroën Ami makes a difference in the city with its symmetrical structure, compact dimensions, colorful accessories and customizable options.

Citroën Ami's Place in Turkey

Citroën Ami has an important place in the electric car market in Turkey. The sales success of Citroën Ami, which is sold in 9 countries, in Turkey also enabled our country to rank third among the countries where Citroën Ami is sold.