Rating results for Sunday, October 29th ANNOUNCED! Who was yesterday's top rating?

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Sunday Night Ratings War! Which TV Series Took the Top?

The ratings race intensified on television screens on Sunday night. Coming to the audience with its new episodes Judgment ve Organization There was fierce competition between the TV series. So, what were the rating results for Sunday, October 29, 2023? Which series topped the rating list? Here are the curious details.

Judiciary Made a Difference in Ratings

ATV's popular series Judgment, kept the audience glued to the screen with its new episode. In the series, the prosecutor who fights corruption Selim and lawyer Ezgi In addition to the love between people, the stories of people in search of justice are also told. Judiciary is on the rating list in both Total and EU groups. in first place took place . The exciting developments in the last episode of the series created a great impact on social media.

The Organization Remained in Second Place

TRT 1's most watched series Organization, surprised the audience with its new episode. The series is about the adventures of a secret team who sacrificed their lives for the security of Turkey. Teşkilat is on the rating list in the Total group. in second place took place. However, in the EU group, the series fourth place He missed the summit by staying. The return of the characters who died in the last episode of the series shocked the audience.

Atatürk TV Special Broadcast Ranks Third

It was broadcast on ATV on the occasion of 29 October Republic Day. Ataturk TV Special Broadcast, attracted great attention from the audience. The program included sections from Atatürk's life, speeches on the establishment and importance of the Republic, and various events. Atatürk TV Special Broadcast was included in the rating list in the Total group. in third place took place. In the EU group, the program is on the rating list. to the second row rose. From the presenters of the program Cem Davran, touched me with his speech.

Masterchef Türkiye All Star

TV8's popular cooking competition program Masterchef Türkiye All Starentertained the audience with its new episode. In the program, well-known contestants from previous seasons competed in challenging games determined by the jury members. Masterchef Türkiye All Star, EU group rating list in third place took place. In the Total group, the program sixth place found a place for itself. In the last episode of the program, contestants good luck ve Serhat The discussion between them witnessed tense moments.