A new teaser video of the 2024 BMW X2 M35i has arrived

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BMW has released a striking promotional video for the new X2 model to excite car enthusiasts. The video contains important clues about the details of the vehicle. Come, let's take a look at this amazing driving experience together!

One of the striking features of the BMW X2 M35i is its grille with LED border and the M logo it bears proudly on the right side. These details emphasize the sporty and stylish design of the vehicle.

The BMW logo hidden in the raised area of ​​the engine hood offers a perfect combination of powerful engine and aesthetic design. Quality and originality in every detail!

Sporty-looking side mirrors have sharp lines and black coating. These details emphasize the sporty character of the X2 M35i and offer the driver a unique experience.

The rims have a complex structure and attract attention with their machined areas. Aesthetic design combines with functionality to reveal the unique style of the X2 M35i.

The spoiler located under the rear window and the four exhaust pipes in the lower bumper emphasize the performance-oriented character of the X2 M35i. Details that make every moment special!

The previous trailer for X2 was shot in the virtual city called Hypnopolis in the popular game Fortnite. This special map presents the world of BMW to players from a different perspective.

According to the information provided on the teaser site, the X2 M35i xDrive model has 296 horsepower. These technical details emphasize the strong performance and driving pleasure of the vehicle.

Compared to the X2023 M1i xDrive model introduced in June 35, although the engine power of the X2 M35i is slightly lower, it attracts attention with its unique design.

The sporty features found in the X1 M35i model are expected to be included in the new X2. However, with certain restrictions and changes.

BMW adds a new performance monster to its model family with the X2 M35i. Will we see this exciting model on Turkish roads? Eagerly awaited!

BMW's new model, the X2 M35i, combines style, power and technology in perfect balance. While it promises drivers a unique driving experience, it excites automobile enthusiasts.