What is the 2023 Partial Moon (Blood Moon) eclipse? zammoment, on what date?

blood moon eclipse

Blood Moon Eclipse in October! Here is its History and Traceability from Turkey

Another exciting event will happen in the sky. The second lunar eclipse, which will take place in October, will have a fragmented and bloody appearance. Just a few days before the lunar eclipse, what is the total eclipse? zamIt is wondered when it will happen. So, what is a fragmented and bloody lunar eclipse? zammoment, on what date? Here is the date of October partial lunar eclipse in 2023…

A lunar eclipse is a celestial event in which the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned, creating shadow and penumbra regions behind the Earth. When the Moon enters these regions, a lunar eclipse occurs. During a partial lunar eclipse, a part of the Moon passes through the shadow behind the Earth.

What is a Partial and Blood Moon Eclipse? Zammoment Will it happen?

The first lunar eclipse of 2023 took place last May. All eyes are now on the second lunar eclipse in October. This eclipse will have a fragmented and bloody appearance.

The partial and bloody lunar eclipse will take place on October 28, 2023. This eclipse, which will start at 21.02 Türkiye time, will end at 01.26. Since only 12 percent of the moon will be in the earth's shadow during this eclipse, the redness in this area will be difficult to notice. The maximum phase of the eclipse will occur at 23.14. The eclipse ends with the Moon emerging from the penumbra at 01.26.

Will the Partial and Blood Moon Eclipse be Watched from Turkey?

The partial and bloody lunar eclipse that will take place on October 28 can be watched from Turkey. This eclipse, called a Partial Lunar Eclipse, will set in the easternmost part of Asia and Australia while the eclipse continues. It will be watched in its entirety in Asia, Europe and Africa. The Moon will rise while the eclipse continues over the westernmost tip of Africa, the Atlantic Ocean and the east of the American continent.

Why is it called Blood Moon?

A Total Lunar Eclipse occurs in the orbital position where the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon and the Moon is completely under the shadow of the Earth. Since the Sun's rays are prevented from reaching the Moon in this location, the Moon is illuminated only by the light reflected from the Earth's atmosphere through a blue filter, thus taking on a red appearance. Astronomers call this state of the Moon "Blood Moon".