19 October Mukhtar's Day! The most beautiful Mukhtar's Day celebration messages and words 2023

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Mukhtar's Day Celebrations Have Started! Mukhtar's Day Messages 2023

19 October Mukhtars Day is celebrated with various events all over Turkey. Mukhtars play an important role in the relations of village and neighborhood residents with state institutions. Mukhtar's Day messages are also shared on this occasion. So, why is Mukhtars Day celebrated on October 19? What are the Mukhtar's Day messages and sayings? Here are the things you need to know about Mukhtar's Day...

Why is Mukhtars Day Celebrated on October 19?

The institution of headman is an institution that has existed for many years in Turkish history. He also had the duty of headman in the Ottoman Empire. During the Republic period, the institution of headman continued as the cornerstone of democracy and local governments.

The reason why Mukhtars' Day was determined as 19 October is as follows: On 19 October 1829, the institution of headman was officially recognized with the Treaty of Edirne signed between the Ottoman Empire and Russia. With this agreement, the election procedure, powers and responsibilities of the headmen were determined.

The circular regarding the declaration of Mukhtars' Day was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force in 2015. In the circular, it was stated that October 19 was determined as Mukhtars' Day in order to carry out studies to determine the needs, problems and solution suggestions of muhtars and their vision for the future by preserving their historical ties. The circular also stated that the activities to be held within the scope of Mukhtars' Day will be carried out within the framework of the principles and procedures to be determined by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Mukhtar's Day Messages and Sayings 2023

On the occasion of Mukhtars' Day, many people and institutions thanked the mukhtars, sent congratulatory messages and wished them success. Mukhtar's Day messages and words were also shared on social media. Here are some Mukhtar's Day messages and sayings:

  • We congratulate all our mukhtars on October 19, Mukhtars' Day and wish them a healthy, fruitful, peaceful and happy life.
  • I congratulate the 19 October Mukhtars' Day of our mukhtars, who are obliged to carry out a very important duty as the representatives of our state, I wish them great success in their work, and I wish health and well-being to our Holy Nation.
  • We celebrate the Mukhtars' Day of our mukhtars, who work devotedly for our neighborhoods and are the first face of democracy and local governments in serving the public.
  • I congratulate the '19 October Mukhtars Day' of all our neighborhood and village headmen, who carry out the important duty of representing both the nation and the state, and offer my greetings and love.
  • Despite all the impossibilities; Happy Mukhtar's Day to all our mukhtars who try to provide service to the citizens living in their own neighborhoods and villages.
  • I sincerely congratulate the Mukhtars' Day of our valuable mukhtars who fulfill their duties as muhtars, which is one of the cornerstones of democracy.
  • I congratulate the 19 October Mukhtars' Day of our mukhtars, who are personally elected by our people, who are the recipients of the choice, favor and trust of our Nation, which constitutes the first link of our democracy chain, and I wish them a healthy and happy working life.