100th anniversary celebration will be experienced in Bolu with Rally and Baja

rally baja

Petrol Ofisi Maxima 100 Turkey Rally Championship 2023th race 4th Anniversary Rally, organized by the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) with the contributions of Bolu Governorship, Bolu Youth Sports Provincial Directorate and Bolu Municipality, for the 100th anniversary of the Republic, will be held in Bolu between 27-29 October. will also be carried out. The 2023nd leg of the 2 Turkish Baja Championship, which will be organized by Bolu Offroad Sports Club (BOLOFF) on the same dates, will meet sports lovers on both days with a double organization in rally and offroad branches.

With the contributions of ICRYPEX, Spor Toto, Gazelle Resort & SPA, Remed Assistance, Red Bull, Yat─▒r─▒m Finansman, Salados, Fora Vehicle Tracking, Power App, Autoclub, IBS, Ko┼čuist, Moon Sports, Karsu Petrol, Rayess, Pars Store, Esanadolu, Web Island The organizations to be held will provide race enthusiasts with an unforgettable weekend accompanied by the enthusiasm of the Republic and the unique nature of Bolu.

The 100th Anniversary Rally, where Kara├žay─▒r Olympic Indoor Swimming Pool Parking Lot will be used as the service area and Gazelle Resort & Spa as the rally center, will start with a test drive on Friday, October 27, between 09.00-13.00. The start ceremony of the rally will be in front of Bolu Governorship at 18.00 on the same day. While the first day ends with the completion of 28 stages on Saturday, October 5, the teams will compete in 29 stages on Sunday, October 4. The rally, which has a total length of 294,63 kilometers and consists of 9 special stages, will end on the finishing podium in front of Bolu Governorship at 16.00.

Baja Bolu will start at 28 on Saturday, October 07.45, and the 75,50-kilometer Republic stage will be passed twice on the first day. On the second day, which will start at 12.30 on Sunday, the challenging race will end with the 63,75th Year stage of 100 km.

Hibya News Agency