How to clean your car after summer?

summer cleaning auto

After a long and beautiful summer holiday, the winter months are slowly approaching. like summer zamThe cleanliness of our cars, which we frequently use on long roads, stands out as a very important point to preserve the general appearance and performance of the vehicle. During the summer months, your car may be exposed to a lot of sunlight, dust, insects, bird droppings and other weather conditions. These factors zamIt can also damage the exterior of the car and increase the risk of fading, oxidation and decay of the paint and varnish layer. Again, in summer, sunlight and hot weather can affect the interior surfaces and materials of the car. Plastic, leather and other interior surfaces exposed to direct sunlight may face fading and cracking.

External Surface Cleaning

Cleaning the exterior of your car will protect it in many areas and contribute to its aesthetic appearance. You can wash off large dirt and dust particles on the car with a hose or water sprayer. This step is important to reduce the possibility of scratches. You should make sure that the shampoo or similar cleaning materials you use will not damage the car surface. You can apply shampoo water to the surface of the car with a microfiber washing glove or a sponge. Remember to move from top to bottom. During exterior washing, door edges, rims, tires, inside fender etc. Do not neglect the fields. You should make more effort to carefully clean stains such as insect residues and bird droppings.

Glass Cleaning

It will also be necessary to clean glass surfaces using a spray bottle containing glass cleaner spray or ordinary water. To do this, you should apply glass cleaner spray to the surface of the glass and gently wipe it with a clean microfiber cloth. Cleaning with horizontal or vertical movements instead of circular movements will reduce the risk of scratches. Again, it would be more appropriate to use a clean microfiber cloth to dry the glass surfaces.

Internal Cleaning

During the summer months, the inside of your vehicle will get just as dirty as the outside, and if it is not cleaned, it will wear out in the long run. To do this, you can start by using a vacuum cleaner or a special car interior cleaning brush to dust the interior. You can use fine-tipped brushes or compressed air spray devices to clean details such as between seats, consoles, and ventilation grilles. To clean fabric seats and upholstery, you should use car upholstery cleaner or mild soapy water. To clean leather surfaces, you can choose leather cleaner and protector products recommended by the manufacturer.

Tires and Wheels

Wheels are naturally one of the points that get dirty the most and quickly and can be dangerous while driving if they are not cleaned and maintained. For this, you can use a wheel cleaner or a special rim cleaner to remove brake dust and dirt from the wheels. You can spray the cleaner on the wheels, wait a few minutes and then clean it with a soft brush or sponge. Don't forget to rinse and dry.

Interior Accessories and Details

Do not forget to clean interior accessories such as seat covers, cushions, and floor mats in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. You can use metal polish to shine metal surfaces (e.g. wheel covers, exhaust outlets). You can choose products that provide UV protection to protect plastic and rubber surfaces.

By carefully following the steps above, you can keep your car clean, shiny and protected after summer. Remember that every zamYou should always consider your car's manufacturer recommendations and protect the surfaces using gentle materials and techniques.