Wolff: “If Massa case ends positively, F1 will be thrown into turmoil”


Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff believes Formula 2008 will face 'turmoil' if Felipe Massa wins his case for the 1 title and other drivers follow.

Massa and the 'Crashgate' Case

Felipe Massa has launched a battle against the FIA ​​and FOM over the 'Crashgate' incident at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix. This incident caused Lewis Hamilton to win the World Championship and ended Massa's championship hopes. Massa claims that this incident was a conspiracy to prevent the World Championship from being clinched and that the FIA ​​had knowledge of it.

Legal Process

Massa's legal team is awaiting statements from the FIA ​​and FOM regarding the events in 2008. If Massa is proven right as a result of the case, this could set a great example for Formula 1.

Wolff's Views

Toto Wolff thinks this case will not set a good example for the sport. He argues that sporting regulations must be followed and that legal processes can disrupt the balance within sports. He also says that many factors in each race affect the outcome, and lawsuits could upset that balance.

Massa's reaction

Felipe Massa does not remain unresponsive to Toto Wolff's comments. He sees the comments from Wolff and Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko as hopeful and thinks the F1 community understands the seriousness of their case.