Verstappen and Red Bull's winning streak ends in Singapore


Max Verstappen and Red Bull could not reach the podium in the Singapore GP and could not increase the number of consecutive races they won. This year, the first person other than Red Bull pilots to win a race was Ferrari's Carlos Sainz.

Max Verstappen and Red Bull took the lead in both the drivers' and teams' championships with their superior performance in the 2021 season. Verstappen and Red Bull broke their own records with consecutive wins this season and approached the longest winning streak in Formula 1 history.

Verstappen won his 10th consecutive race victory at the Italian GP, ​​surpassing the record of 2013 races set by Sebastian Vettel in 9. Red Bull achieved its 15th consecutive race victory in the same race, surpassing McLaren's record of 1988 races set in 11.

These records of Verstappen and Red Bull were an indication that they broke the power of Mercedes, which dominated the last two years. While Mercedes made some mistakes in both vehicle performance and strategy this season, Verstappen and Red Bull made good use of the opportunities.

However, this record streak of Verstappen and Red Bull ended with the Singapore GP. Singapore GP is known as a track where overtaking is very difficult and the track temperature is very high. Tire management and pit stops on this track zamUnderstanding plays a very important role.

Ferrari pilot Carlos Sainz, who started the Singapore GP from pole position, maintained his leadership from the beginning to the end of the race and brought Ferrari its first victory of the 2021 season. Behind Sainz, McLaren driver Lando Norris came in second. Mercedes pilots Lewis Hamilton and George Russell tried to use the new tire advantage by making two pit stops in the last episode, but they could not pass Sainz and Norris. While Russell retired from the race due to a mistake he made on the last lap, Hamilton completed the podium.

Verstappen started the race from fifth place, but his car was damaged as a result of contact in the first lap. Verstappen tried to continue the race with his damaged car but could not maintain his speed. Verstappen was eventually able to finish in ninth place.

Red Bull's other pilot, Sergio Perez, started the race from sixth place, but was penalized as a result of contact in the first lap. Perez fell back after serving his penalty and was able to finish seventh.

Verstappen and Red Bull's poor performances in the Singapore GP jeopardized their lead in both the drivers' and constructors' championships. While Verstappen allowed the gap with Hamilton to decrease to 5 points, Red Bull allowed the gap with Mercedes to decrease to 18 points.

Although Verstappen and Red Bull's winning streak ended with the Singapore GP, they want to restart it in the remaining races of the season. The excitement continues in Formula 1.