Verstappen: “We will be strong in Japan”


Red Bull driver Max Verstappen believes that they will be strong in Japan, which has a completely different structure than Singapore. As Red Bull's long winning streak ended in Singapore, Verstappen saw the checkered flag in fifth place. Here are Max Verstappen's post-race statements and his expectations for Japan:

Tough Race in Singapore

Red Bull drivers experienced balance issues and single-lap performance issues during the Singapore Grand Prix weekend. In his evaluation at the end of the race, Verstappen said, “I think we did our best today. Our speed was good; security tool only zamWe were unlucky that he understood. "If this hadn't happened, we could have fought at the front." he said.

Discomfort with Security Tools

Stating that the safety cars affected the course of the race, Verstappen said, "The worst possible scenario for our strategy was a safety car entering the track." said. Stating that the safety car had a negative impact on the race, Verstappen stated that they had a better pace in the last stint.

Lessons for the Future

Verstappen understands the disadvantages of not winning and said, "If you want to win, everything has to be perfect." said. Emphasizing that they should learn from the mistakes made in the race, Verstappen stated that these experiences will help them better prepare for Japan next year.

Focus on Japan

Asked if the problems could be resolved in Japan, Verstappen said: “I feel good about Suzuka. Our vehicle should be fine.” said. Verstappen, who thinks that Suzuka is a more suitable track for Red Bull, stated that they aim to win in Japan next weekend.