Double victory from Turkish car pilots in Monza, Italy

Bitci Racing Team AMS started with its athlete Vedat Ali Dalokay, the championship leader in the DSG class, in the TCR Italian Championship Monza races held at the weekend, and with its 17-year-old young athlete Zekai Özen in the Seq class, just to gain experience in this special race.

Vedat continued to lead the championship by widening the points difference and managed to sing our National Anthem on the podium twice!

Our athlete Vedat Ali Dalokay, who achieved absolute dominance in the TCR Italian championship DSG class by achieving 8 first places and 6 second places in 2 races this season, left behind a flawless weekend with his experience in the chaotic race with many contacts and made us proud once again by making us listen to our national anthem twice on the podium. .

Impressive performance from Zekai in his first Italian TCR Championship experience!

Zekai Özen, the 17-year-old young talent of our team and our country, competed in the TCR Seq class with the car he drove for the first time to gain experience in the TCR Italian championship, where 40 cars started. Our athlete, who managed to leave many strong rivals behind with bumper-to-bumper fights in both races, achieved 19th place in the general classification in the first race and 20th place in the general classification in the second race. It was an important experience and success for our athlete that Zekai achieved these degrees with an extra 20 kg handicap and a total extra weight of 50 kg since he started for a single race in the championship.

Making a statement about the double victory in Monza, Bitci Racing Team AMS Team Director İbrahim Okyay said: “TCR Italy championship has a special place among the TCR series held all over the world and is considered one of the most challenging championships. The fact that 40 cars were damaged due to contact in the first race, which took place at the weekend and 27 cars started, and that all pilots were warned by the race commissioners on Sunday, is an indication of how tough and challenging the championship is. Although our athletes were also affected by these contacts, the results they achieved were even more valuable for the team.” dedicate.

The co-sponsors of the team competing under the main sponsorship of Bitci Technology are Glasurit, Sparco and FikirMedya.

The team will compete in its next race with its athletes Barkın Pınar, Seda Kaçan and Gökhan Kellecioğlu in the 4th leg Gulf races of the Turkish Track Championship, which will be held this weekend.

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