Sainz: “I slowed down too much to give Norris DRS”

c sainz

Carlos Sainz ended this year's Red Bull dominance by winning the Singapore Grand Prix and gave the Italian team Ferrari a big victory. Let's take a closer look at Sainz's victory and what happened in the race after the race.

Singapore Grand Prix: Victory for Sainz

The Singapore Grand Prix is ​​one of the most exciting races on the Formula 1 calendar. Carlos Sainz has done a great job with Ferrari this year and put an end to Red Bull's dominance. By winning the race, he brought the Italian team their first victory in recent years. While enjoying his victory, Sainz shared what aspects of the race he was happy with.

Sainz's Happiness

In his statement after his victory, Carlos Sainz said, "I am very happy with the victory in every aspect." Ferrari's victory in Singapore was the result of a long wait, and Sainz made a major contribution to this success.

Sainz also emphasized that they did an excellent job from the beginning to the end of the weekend. “We should be extremely proud of the weekend we put together. "We had only one opportunity to win a race this year, and that was in Singapore, and we managed to get it," he said.

Strategic Excellence

Strategy played a big role in winning the race. Sainz stated that they did not make any mistakes throughout the weekend and stuck to their plans. They had to deal with factors such as tire wear, pit-stop intervals and DRS, but by managing everything correctly they managed to take the win.

Sainz explained that in the later stages of the race the tires began to wear and they began to struggle. Mercedes' passing Charles Leclerc and getting closer to them increased the pressure in the final section. However, Sainz realized that his strategy needed to change slightly and gave Lando Norris a DRS assist, helping them win the race.

Decision to Grant DRS

Giving Norris DRS was not an easy decision as it put Sainz under extra pressure. He couldn't afford to make a mistake because that meant Norris would have a chance to pass him. However, Sainz made this difficult decision and they ultimately achieved victory.