Have Reeder IPO results been announced? How many lots did Reeder give and what? zamWill it be traded now?


Reeder IPO results have been announced! What is Reeder in the stock market? zamWhen will it start trading?

Reeder Technology announced the results of its public offering on the Capital Markets Board (CMB) website. Accordingly, Reeder's shares will start trading on Borsa Istanbul Star Market on September 20, 2023. In the Reeder public offering, 4 lots were distributed to 208 million 248 thousand 46 individual investors. Reeder public offering price was determined as 9,30 TL.


How did the Reeder IPO happen?

Reeder Technology operates as a company that produces smartphones, tablets and accessories. The company completed the book building process between 13-14-15 September 2023 and offered its shares with a nominal value of 1 TL at a fixed price of 9,30 TL in the public offering.

In the Reeder public offering, 216% of the total 666 million 667 thousand 25,26 shares were offered to the public. Accordingly, Reeder's public offering size was approximately 2 billion TL.

Reeder made an equal distribution to individual investors in the IPO. It was stated that if all the shares allocated to individual investors are sold, a maximum of 46 lots (428 TL) will be distributed to each individual investor.


Where can Reeder IPO results be learned?

Reeder Technology's public offering results were published on the CMB's website. Candidates will be able to learn their results from [CMB's website] or [ÖSYM Candidate Transactions mobile application] with their TR ID numbers and passwords.

You can access Reeder Technology's official announcement [here].

What is Reeder in the stock market? zamWill it be traded now?

Shares of Reeder Technology will start trading on Borsa Istanbul Star Market after the public offering results are announced. Reeder's shares will set an initial trading price during the opening session at 20 a.m. on September 2023, 10.00, followed by trading during the regular session.