Porsche Boxster EV comes with dual-screen setup

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Porsche Boxster EV Spy Photos

Porsche history will change starting from 2025. The first fully electric 718 Boxster model in history will appear on this date. Although we have the chance to see the model we have been eagerly awaiting for a long time in different ways, the spy photos we received today are much more striking.

Dual Screen Design

For a reason we don't know exactly, Porsche decided to remove the camouflage inside the vehicle. When the spy photographers quickly press the shutter, we have the opportunity to see the cabin design of the model. It will have a dual-screen setup The model that can be seen has wonderful graphics.

These graphics will allow you to see all the details of the model. It can be seen on the digital instrument panel that the vehicle has a range of 53 km at 125 percent charge. This situation is remarkable because, with simple mathematics, it is possible to say that the model has a very low range. However, there are some details we need to take into account.

oh porsche

In Testing Phase

First of all, we do not know how the model was used until the moment the photographs were taken. After all, as the name suggests, these are “test” tools. In other words, the German manufacturer may have carried out performance tests by pushing the model. It is even possible that Porsche is testing different sized batteries in its models.

Physical Keys Continue

Let's get to the other details... First of all, let's not forget that everything we see now may change in the production version. However, as far as we can see, Porsche will not give up physical buttons. We can see that there are five buttons just below the multimedia screen. Likewise, as we move down, we notice more buttons and two USB Type C ports.

Single Engine Option

Porsche will offer the Boxster EV with a single-motor option. We expect the model to appear in 2025.