egea limited
Italian Car Brands

Fiat Egea Limited: New Generation Hardware

Fiat brings a brand new breath to the Egea model family. The “Egea Limited” series, which is specially designed for the Cross body type and stylish Sedan version, which continues Egea's leadership in its segment, combines equipment and elegance. [...]


Otokar Continues to Grow in Italy

Otokar, one of the well-established companies of the Koç Group, continues to grow in Europe in the field of commercial vehicles and buses. Otokar's latest move was the acquisition of Mauri Bus System, which has been operating in Italy for many years. [...]

golf oh
German Car Brands

The new version of Volkswagen Golf was displayed

Volkswagen's legendary Golf model seems to be approaching the end of an era in the automobile world. The German automaker announced that the next ninth generation of Golf will be fully electric. However, for the internal combustion-engined Golf it's probably [...]

oh cupra
Spain Car Brands

Makeup Version of 2024 Cupra Leon Reveals

The fact that the SEAT Leon and Cupra models will be facelifted in 2024 creates great excitement among automobile enthusiasts. Spy photographers took a closer look at the 2024 Cupra Leon hatchback facelift version and unlocked the secrets of the updated features. [...]


Michelin Will Participate in WRC Tire Tender

Michelin, as an important player in the motorsport world, is preparing to take a big step towards becoming the official tire supplier of the World Rally Championship (WRC) between 2025-2027. What is WRC Tire Tender? ZamWill it result? [...]

dogus automotive

Doğuş Otomotiv: “We are not going anywhere!”

Your zamRegarding the allegations circulating in the media that "Doğuş Otomotiv is withdrawing from the industry", Doğuş Otomotiv made an official statement and denied these news. Here are the details of the official statement about Doğuş Otomotiv's future in the industry: [...]