Norris: “Updates will improve performance rather than ride quality”


Speaking about the updates McLaren made before the Singapore Grand Prix, Lando Norris states that these updates will increase performance rather than changing driving quality. Here are the details of the update:

Scope of Updates

With the updates it brought to Singapore, McLaren was only able to produce enough new parts for a single vehicle. For this reason, Lando Norris, who is ahead in the championship, will use the updates first, and Oscar Piastri will experience these updates in the next race, Japan.

High Downforce

Among the updates made is a rear wing that aims to increase the vehicle's downforce. Other changes will be seen more clearly in the first training sessions.

Norris' Review

Lando Norris says the focus of the updates is to address weaknesses in low-speed corners. He believes these updates will provide the biggest improvement since Austria and is very excited about it.

“Probably since Austria, that zamThis is the update package that we believe will help us move forward the most so far.” says. However, he does not want to say anything definitive because they have not been tested on the track yet.

Performance and Ride Quality

Norris states that the updates will increase performance but will not change ride quality. He thinks that vehicle features still prevent some attacks and states that more work is needed on this issue.

"In terms of driving style I think the updates won't help quite where I want them to, but they will help us with cornering speeds, consistency, tire wear and so on." says Norris. According to him, the updates will help the driver better connect with his vehicle while improving performance.

Fight Against Red Bull

Norris also touches on McLaren's chances of closing the gap with Red Bull Racing. According to him, the updates only address the basic problems of the vehicle and work is needed for further development.

NorrisZaman zama serious amount of tour zam“We sometimes lose the moment.” says. "If we didn't have some of these bad things, we would be very strong and much more competitive and we would be competing for the podium." He adds: