Mercedes team boss Wolff pleased with end of Red Bull winning streak


Wolff is happy with the end of Red Bull's winning streak and believes that they will be strong in the remaining races.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff expressed his satisfaction with Red Bull not winning a race for the first time this season. However, he still believes that the Milton Keynes team will be strong in the remaining races.

The Singapore GP was the only race in the 2023 season where a team other than Red Bull won.

Red Bull had a hard time at the Marina Bay circuit. Set, zaman zammoment had a vehicle that looked like it was driving on ice instead of asphalt. Safety car in the race zamIt didn't help the Milton Keynes team that they understood either.

Although Wolff believes Red Bull is still a strong team, he said he is happy to finally see a different team in the top tier.

“I think they will be strong for the rest of the year.” “They won so many races this year, I have no doubt they will be strong on most of the traditional racetracks,” said Wolff. said.

“But it's nice to have a different winner, to have a podium without them. "It is necessary to evaluate the small positive things in this season in which they were dominant."

Mercedes hasn't won since Sao Paulo last year. Wolff admitted that he wanted to continue their record of one victory per season but 'they have to be humble about it'.

“I'd like to say we've had a win every year we've raced, but we have to be humble about it.” "We have a very strong Red Bull on the grid, so we hope to have more opportunities to race at the front," said Wolff. said.

“We're going to bring some innovations to Austin so we'll have some fun racing ahead of us. So I definitely hope so.”