Lawson celebrates first points in Singapore


AlphaTauri driver Liam Lawson took the first points of his career by placing ninth at the Singapore Grand Prix.

Lawson, who had a successful race on a challenging track like Singapore, is happy with the points he achieved.

Speaking at the press conference after the race, Lawson said: “I would have liked to have done a few more Grands Prix to prepare for this race, but obviously when you get an opportunity you have to take it!” That's what I'm trying to do and today went great.” said.

Lawson stated that he had no problems in the race except for the start and that he did a clean job and said, “I am happy with the race and I think I gave absolutely everything; We took everything out of the vehicle today. We had no problems other than the start and did a clean job. “I'm really happy to get two points today.” he said.

Lawson stated that what went wrong in the race was the start and said: “I think it was the start; This is something I need to figure out. Because I've been having problems for two weeks in a row and losing several positions. This makes our lives even more difficult. "This was the biggest loss of the race." said.

Lawson said he had a chance to score points. zamStating that he understood the moment, he said, “There were 20 laps before Max and the Red Bulls came back. At that point, I thought we had an opportunity. Then I felt it slip out of my hands. I think once Checo and Albon battled and Albon fell back, I felt a little more comfortable that we could at least get 10th. “Ninth place was a bonus.” said.

Lawson stated that he does not know whether he will stay in the team next year and said, “This is not something I am focused on right now. I focus on getting the most out of every session. “When I come to the end of my current role, I will look back and hopefully feel that I did everything I could.” said.

Lawson stated that he wanted to race in Suzuka and said, “I would love to race there! I have some experience there. I know better than Singapore. So it would be great to race there.” said.