KYK Reserve Dormitory Results Announced! Here is the KYK Dormitory Application Results Inquiry Screen


KYK dormitory application results were announced on September 13. Substitute placements continue for students who cannot be placed in dormitories. KYK 1st reserve dormitory results were announced today. So, how to query KYK reserve dormitory results? Here is the KYK dormitory application results inquiry screen and details…

What are the KYK Reserve Dormitory Results? Zammoment Announced?


The first phase of KYK dormitory application results was made available on Wednesday, September 13. Now it's time for replacement placements.

KYK 1st reserve dormitory results were announced on Monday, September 18.

How to Inquire KYK Reserve Dormitory Results?


KYK dormitory application results are available via e-Government. Candidates will be able to query the results with their TR ID number and password. The dormitory name, address, registration dates and other information will be available on the KYK dormitory placement result screen.

Substitute placements will continue to be held every Monday and Thursday in the following weeks.

KYK Reserve Dormitory Results Inquiry Screen


To inquire about KYK reserve dormitory results this link You need to log in to the e-Government system by clicking . Then, you can find out your KYK dormitory placement result by entering your ID number and password.

The first registration fee that must be paid is automatically displayed on the screen when the inquiry is made through the payment screens with the TR ID number.

Dormitory rights of students who do not pay the initial registration fee within the required period will be deemed invalid.