According to James Vowles, Perez's move cost Williams points


Williams team boss James Vowles said a potential ninth place finish was lost due to Sergio Perez's optimistic attack on Alex Albon.

The Marina Bay circuit was not known as the Williams team's strongest circuit, but Albon had a solid race, taking advantage of the new tires under the Virtual Safety Car.

In this way, Albon, who rose to 10th place, had a good opportunity to catch Liam Lawson. However, he fell four places down due to contact from Perez in an incident that was not shown on television.

Perez given five seconds for contact zamHe received a penalty, but if there had been no contact Albon would have had a chance to earn the point.

"A few points were taken away from us," James Vowles told after the race. said.

“It's frustrating when you're in a championship that's been fought to the last minute and you're leading the championship against your direct rivals and then it's taken away from you.”

“There is no valid reason why we lost the point. "There are logical ways to pass, what Perez did is not one of them."

“For the previous few laps Perez was on the inside line trying to get his nose in there. This in itself is not a problem, you need to use aggressive techniques.”

“But Alex had already turned left, so Perez made contact with him. "It was an attack that was impossible to work."

“So what happened is incredibly frustrating. "Positions in the championship are determined with such fine details."

“Fortunately, the important thing is that you can see that the team is really giving it their all and Alex is giving it his all, too.”

“We know we were on the back foot this weekend, but we made some really good decisions, like using an extra set of intermediate compounds. We made this decision weeks ago!”

“We haven't qualified for Q2016 in Singapore since 2, so we need to take a hard look at how we're doing fundamentally.”

"If you look at the progress we've made as a team, we now have a car that can score points in most races."

“We have to keep it going, make sure we show others that we are here to keep learning and improving, and fight if there is a point to be had, and if not, finish directly ahead of all our rivals in the championship.”

Williams is currently in 21th place in the championship with 7 points, all belonging to Alex Albon.