Hulkenberg is extremely hopeful about the new car coming to Austin


Hulkenberg excited about new car coming to Austin

Nico Hulkenberg, who renewed his contract with Haas, is hopeful about the new car the team will bring before the end of the season.

Zaman zamHaas, which we saw to be fast at the moment and achieved performances such as Nico Hulkenberg's second place in Canada and Kevin Magnussen's fourth place in Miami in the qualifying laps, has problems in the races due to the tires heating up quickly.

After all these problems, Haas, one of the weakest teams of the season, is preparing to come to Austin with a completely new concept in order to solve the problems before the end of the season.

The new car, which will be used in the last five races, is expected to be a good basis for the 2024 season.

Hulkenberg believes that he supports the new concept and that the season is still pregnant with a lot of things.

"It's true that there are still a lot of points to be won," Hulkenberg told said.

“Monza was not good, it was very bad and difficult. But I think it was the worst race we will see for the rest of the season.”

“That's why I'm more optimistic about Singapore. "I think Suzuka might be a little more difficult, but the rest will be pretty good."

“Hopefully we'll have an early Christmas present in Austin that will get us some performance. I hope the new concept will take us a big step forward.”

However, Hulkenberg said that he did not yet know how effective the new vehicle would be.

“But right now I can only speculate. "I know what's going on, there's a lot of pressure on us to get things done."

“A pilot naturally wants performance, more downforce, more grip, more stability, but it is not easy to find this.”

“Despite everything, we have investigated the car in every way possible and we are in a poor position in terms of performance. So yes, I think changing the concept, changing the philosophy zamthe moment has come. "

“I think we're still the last team and car that has that kind of philosophy, so as the year progressed we were clearly overtaken by other teams with other concepts. “I think this tells us something.”

Hulkenberg said that Monza was a turning point and it was after this race that the team decided to switch to a new concept.

"Monza was definitely the worst moment of the season in terms of performance."

“But even before Monza this plan was in place. So you know that in the back of your head.”

“For me, Monza was long forgotten and unmemorable the night after the race ended.zamdeleted because I knew it was a special one-time situation.”

Hulkenberg believes that the new car will increase its performance and help the team achieve better results.

“I think this year, in general, we are not very efficient on tracks that require low downforce, we are weak in terms of balance.”

“The car was constantly slipping in Monza and Spa, and the fact that there was rough asphalt instead of new asphalt caused serious problems for us.”

“Rough asphalt is both harmful to our aero concept and causes tires to wear out faster.”

“I think more performance helps in every aspect, in every sense. More performance means more downforce, which means less slippage, which means fewer problems on Sunday. “It's a pretty simple calculation.”