Hamilton thinks Red Bull is focusing on next season


Hamilton: “Red Bull is probably focused on next year”

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, in his statement after the race in Singapore, stated that Red Bull is probably focusing on next year and thinks it may be difficult to catch up. The British pilot took third place in the Singapore Grand Prix, but could not catch Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez throughout the race.

Virtual Security Vehicle Decision

In the post-race evaluation, Hamilton stated that he found the decision to pit during the virtual safety car period correct. He thought that thanks to this strategy, he had a chance to take risks and get ahead in the rankings. However, overtaking was difficult on the narrow and twisty Singapore track and he was unable to overtake Russell.

Challenging Passages and the Role of Tires

Hamilton stated that he was faster than Russell in the last section, but explained that overtaking was difficult and there should be a one and a half second difference between the vehicles. Being fast alone was not enough, especially on narrow tracks.

He also observed that the hard tires had better pace than expected and the tires were wearing down. This showed that tire management is an important part of the race.

Likelihood of Winning the Race

When Hamilton was asked whether he believed he could win the race, he stated that McLaren driver Carlos Sainz had a very good pace and that he thought the race would not be easy. However, he stated that Mercedes had a strong car and that the result could have been different if it had had a better qualifying session. He emphasized that they need to cooperate better as a team.

Red Bull's Status

Saying that Red Bull showed a weaker performance than expected this weekend, Hamilton stated that other teams were gaining momentum and McLaren and Ferrari did a good job. He thought Red Bull was working on next year's car and not making updates until the end of this year. However, he said that as Mercedes, they are still trying to improve their current vehicles and this competition will continue.

Hamilton admits Red Bull is ahead, predicts future zamHe stated that the moment will show.