Ferrari president John Elkann congratulates the team after Sainz's win


Ferrari president John Elkann enthusiastically congratulated his team after their victory in Singapore last Sunday. Carlos Sainz brought Ferrari its first victory in about 2022 years, which has been longing for a victory since the 1.5 Austrian Grand Prix. The Spanish pilot showed an excellent performance throughout the weekend and was also very strong on Sunday and saw the checkered flag in first place. This victory was the 243rd Grand Prix victory in Ferrari history.

Celebrations of Victory

After the victory, the Ferrari team started celebrating with great enthusiasm. There was victory enthusiasm both on the track and in the Maranello factory. Traditionally, a flag was hung in front of the team's factory, symbolizing the victory. Additionally, the bells of the city cathedral were rung to the Italian national anthem, showing how much the victory meant.

Congratulations from John Elkann

Speaking about this victory, which came 434 days later, Ferrari President John Elkann proudly greeted his team with their victory. Elkann expressed his feelings behind the victory with the following words: “We are very pleased with the victory – congratulations to the entire Ferrari team.” He also congratulated everyone working at the factory in Maranello, and especially the on-track workers who showed excellent speed throughout the weekend.

As a result

This victory for Ferrari came as a result of a long wait and was a great source of motivation for the team. Carlos Sainz's performance and the team's cooperation played an important role in achieving this victory. Ferrari has once again proven its legendary position in the Formula 1 world.