Female drivers take to the track in Izmir for the Yamaha Cup

female pilot yamaha

Yamaha Motor Turkey, which has undertaken social projects to increase the number of female motorcycle riders on the roads, will continue its support to the Turkish Track Championship, where female athletes compete in the 2023 season.

Yamaha Motor Turkey will continue to produce new champions in the 25rd year of the R3 Women's Cup organized by the Turkish Motorcycle Federation.

The first leg of the Turkish Track Championship, where speed, adrenaline and excitement are experienced together in motor sports, will be held at Izmir Park Race Track between 30 September and 1 October. Athletes from all over Turkey will experience great competition in the championship.

Athletes will compete in the track branch in the thousand cc (ABC), 25 cc (ABC), SS600, Open300 and 500 SP classes, as well as the Yamaha R125 Women's Cup. In the supermoto branch, races will be held in 50cc, 65cc, 85cc, S3, Senior and OPEN classes.

In the championship, freestyle and qualifying training will be held on Saturday, September 30. On Sunday, October 1, when the races will be held, the breathtaking competition of ambitious pilots will take the stage in Izmir Park.

Stating that the Yamaha Cup is a great opportunity for Turkey's talented female athletes, Turkish Motorcycle Federation President Bekir Yunus U├žar said, ÔÇťTurkey has an effort to bring talented young people into sports. Our young people are also very interested in this issue. In its third year, the Yamaha Cup introduced dozens of new young sister competitors to motor sports. ÔÇťWe expect our other brands, such as Yamaha, to provide more support to take our young talents to the world arena.ÔÇŁ she said.

Hibya News Agency