Espargaro: “On Indian GP Safety Issues: We Agree with All Drivers”


Aprilia rider Aleix Espargaro believes MotoGP riders' views are more united than before due to safety concerns over the venue of this weekend's Indian Grand Prix. India will host its first MotoGP race this weekend at the Buddh International Circuit, which was built to host Formula 1 races.

Security Concerns

Concerns about track safety have been brought to the agenda in recent months, and it has been stated that off-track areas on the track should be expanded and a partial surface renewal should be carried out. Especially the Turn 3 barriers, which is one of the slowest corners of the track, stand out as a big problem in terms of safety.

Drivers' Union

Espargaro said MotoGP riders will spend the weekend more united over safety concerns. He stated that the drivers are on the same page regarding safety concerns ahead of the Indian GP. He also stated that drivers held a series of meetings to discuss setting a minimum base salary and that these meetings increased unity among drivers.

A Surprise Unity

Espargaro admits he was surprised by the unity among the drivers. He thinks that they now agree on many issues and that this unity is a positive development. Having a common view, especially on safety, means drivers can make their voices heard more effectively.