Erdoğan and Musk met in New York: Tesla factory in Turkey and other headlines

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had an important meeting with SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk before the UN General Assembly. During this meeting, very exciting developments for Türkiye were discussed. Here are the details:

Details Behind the Meeting

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Elon Musk met at the Turkevi, located near the United Nations in New York. The meeting lasted approximately 45 minutes and covered very important topics. During this visit to attend the UN General Assembly, Erdoğan had the opportunity to talk with Elon Musk about Turkey's potential in technology and industry.

Request for Tesla Factory in Turkey

One of the most striking topics of the meeting was the request for Tesla to establish a production facility in Turkey. Erdoğan stated that he is ready to support the establishment of Tesla's 2nd factory in Europe and 7th factory worldwide in Turkey. Elon Musk responded positively to this suggestion and emphasized that Turkey is an important investment opportunity for Tesla.

Starlink and Collaboration Potential

During the meeting, Elon Musk expressed his desire to cooperate with Turkey on satellite services called Starlink. Starlink provides high-speed internet access as a service of SpaceX. Erdogan's statement that he is open to cooperation on this issue shows that Turkey may have faster and more reliable internet access in the future.

TEKNOFEST Invitation in Izmir

President Erdogan invited Musk to TEKNOFEST, the Turkish aviation and technology festival to be held in Izmir at the end of September. Elon Musk also stated that he would gladly accept this invitation if his schedule fits. This invitation shows Turkey's desire to host international events in the field of technology and innovation.

Artificial Intelligence and Future Technologies

During the meeting, Erdoğan emphasized that Turkey is an important producer country in high technology and talked about its achievements in the field of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). Elon Musk, on the other hand, stated that he believes that future wars will take place between advanced UAVs (Defense Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and pointed out Turkey's potential in this field.

Tesla's Future

Elon Musk also shared his plans for Tesla's expansion. Tesla is making plans to establish a factory in India that will produce low-cost electric vehicles. Additionally, Tesla announced that it will likely select a location for a new manufacturing facility later this year. The fact that Turkey is one of the places considered for this facility could be a great success for the country.


Erdoğan and Musk's meeting highlighted Turkey's growth potential in technology and industry. Tesla's idea of ​​establishing a production facility in Turkey could make significant contributions to the country's growth in the automotive industry. In addition, high-tech products such as Starlink may be among the technologies of the future for Turkey. This meeting can be considered as a step supporting Turkey's breakthroughs in the field of technology.