DTM: Kelvin van der Linde and Rast won!


While the world of motor sports hosts exciting races, the last race in which KÜS Team Bernhard participated was also awaited with great curiosity. In this race, Ayhancan Güven and his teammate Laurin Heinrich represented KÜS Team Bernhard. Here are the details and results of this exciting race.

The Race Starts on Wet Ground

The race started on wet surfaces, which posed an extra challenge for the drivers. The drivers who took the first three places showed a good performance at the beginning of the race. However, under these difficult conditions, transitions became difficult. Ayhancan Güven started from the 3rd place and made a good start.

Changing Positions

Positions were constantly changing among the drivers in the later parts of the race. Experienced drivers such as Mirko Bortolotti and Thomas Preining were also taking part in the race. However, the risk of slipping on wet surfaces was a big challenge for everyone.

Tire Strategies

The track began to dry out in the second half of the race and the drivers' tire choices were of critical importance. Drivers who switched to dry ground tires gained an advantage. However, what are these transitions? zamWhat to do was also an important matter of strategy.

Safety Vehicle Activated

The safety car was activated later in the race. This changed the course of the race once again. The safety car caused some drivers to gain an advantage and the leadership seat constantly changed hands.

Victory goes to K. van der Linde

There was a tight fight in the final laps and K. van der Linde achieved the victory by maintaining first place. Ayhancan Güven, on the other hand, lost one place in the last minutes of the race and took 11th place. These results also affected the rankings in the championship.

Result and Championship Status

At the end of the race, K. van der Linde came in first place, while Laurin Heinrich took second place. This race was a great success for KÜS Team Bernhard. However, things did not go well for Ayhancan Güven and he could only take 11th place.

The battle for leadership in the championship still continues. While Thomas Preining finished in 6th place, Mirko Bortolotti could take the 9th place. Preining could only close the gap with his opponent by 3 points.

The world of motorsport is eagerly awaiting the future successes of KÜS Team Bernhard.