BMW Vision Neue Klasse will produce special models for China

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BMW made a new move in the electric vehicle market and announced that it will develop vehicles specially designed for the Chinese market. These vehicles will be built on BMW's new electric platform Neue Klasse. BMW CEO Oliver Zipse made this statement at the IAA Mobility motor show.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse: New Generation Electric Platform


BMW introduced a concept vehicle called Vision Neue Klasse at the IAA Mobility motor show. This concept vehicle was the first example of BMW's new generation electric platform, Neue Klasse. Neue Klasse is designed for long-range and fast-charging electric vehicles.

The Neue Klasse platform will use new cylindrical batteries. These batteries will have 20% more energy density than existing prismatic cells. This will increase the driving range of the vehicles by 30%. Neue Klasse platform, same zamIt will also reflect BMW's digital and sustainability vision.

BMW will launch its first electric vehicle based on the Neue Klasse platform in 2025. This vehicle will be a sedan the size of a 3 Series. An SUV model will also arrive later. BMW plans to launch six different models based on the Neue Klasse architecture by 2027.

BMW Designs Special Vehicles for the Chinese Market


BMW CEO Oliver Zipse announced that they will produce Neue Klasse-based vehicles designed specifically for the Chinese market. “I can't give too many details at the moment, but BMW Design Shanghai is working on the design and functions of Neue Klasse's China-specific models,” Zipse said.

Zipse made this statement at the IAA as part of the World New Energy Vehicle Congress. This congress was held outside China for the first time. Zipse said that this congress is an important opportunity to share BMW's electric mobility strategy.

BMW's decision to design vehicles specifically for the Chinese market shows the brand's growth potential in this market. China is the world's largest electric vehicle market. BMW has two factories in Shenyang, together with its joint venture Brilliance Auto in China.

Production of BMW's Neue Klasse-based vehicles will begin at its new factory in Debrecen, Hungary. Production will then be moved to Munich and Shenyang facilities. In 2027, production will also take place at the San Luis Potosi facility in Mexico.

BMW's Neue Klasse platform and vehicles specific to the Chinese market will enable the brand to open a new page in the electric mobility transformation. With this move, BMW's competition with its rivals will also increase.