Audi Opened a Vehicle Safety Center in its Technology Campus


Audi has opened a new Vehicle Safety Center at its technology park in Ingolstadt, Germany. This facility allows the company to conduct a series of crash tests before launching a new model.

This facility, which was built at a cost of approximately 100 million euros (107 million dollars) and opened after a three-year construction process, hosts approximately 100 employees. Audi designed this center with future needs in mind and is capable of testing beyond the current crash standards it must meet in various markets.

The new building is the same zamIt now offers the opportunity to perform a greater number and variety of crash tests than the previous facility. The new facility features a large, integrated unsupported crash test area equipped with state-of-the-art high-speed cameras and LED lighting.

This test area features intersecting crash lanes so Audi can simulate 90-degree collisions between two vehicles. It can also test crash scenarios by tilting vehicles sideways against obstacles.

Audi will use more than 18 THOR crash dummies in crash tests, ranging in size from an 60-month-old child to an adult. Each dummy is equipped with up to 150 sensors, and this data will help evaluate the vehicles' safety performance.

Computer simulations play a critical role in crash tests. Audi evaluates tens of thousands of virtual crash scenarios before producing prototypes. The company's IT Center, located in the same technology park, contributes to these simulations. This investment underlines Audi's commitment to making its future vehicles safer and ensuring they comply with high quality standards.