Alpine A290: The new icon of electric performance

French performance brand Alpine comes with a model that is eagerly awaited in the automobile world: Alpine A290. Alpine, under the umbrella of Renault, aroused great interest by introducing the A290_β prototype in May. This prototype is seen as a harbinger of a faster and sportier version of the Renault 5. Moreover, we are approaching 2024 when this exciting model will go into mass production. Here's what you need to know about the Alpine A290 and the first impressions from the spy photos.

1. Camouflaged Mystery

alpine oh


The A290 appears with a fully camouflaged body in spy photos. However, this means that the original and striking design details of the model can be preserved in the mass production version. Especially the rim design is a striking feature. The square cut in the center of the wheels signals a sporty stance. The production version will likely use smaller wheels, but the design is expected to remain impressive.

2. Aggressive Front End

The front face reveals a surprise that is kept secret for now. Even though it's completely hidden, it sports an aggressive bumper and an impressive look. The aerodynamic components on the hood are noteworthy. However, it is not yet clear whether these components will be included in the mass production version.

3. Electric Performance

alpine oh


Alpine A290 will appear as an electric hot hatch. The most powerful version of the model, which will offer two different electric powertrain options, can reach up to 270 horsepower. Both versions will be powered by the front wheels. All technical details of the A290 will be revealed with its upcoming launch. Alpine aims to become an assertive player in the electric car world by introducing a crossover model called GT-X Over and a fully electric version of today's popular A110 sports vehicle. This is an exciting step into the electric future of the Alpine brand.